We, Andrey Vodotynskiy , 40-years-old, and Roman Pazylov, 36-years-old, are lawyers in Israel, starting a new initiative. We are implementing a new legal aid project for new immigrants to Israel.

We have an on-line, free legal chat room aid in Russian. We also give free lectures for new immigrants on Israeli labor law and national insurance. Our current venues are at Ulpan Etzion Jerusalem and for students of the MASA Israel program sponsored by the Jewish Agency (see photo).

Now we are creating a non-profit organization called “The Embrace of Israel”, which will be located in the central district of Israel. Now at the same time with the campaign to raise funds, we are looking for a suitable office for our non-profit organization.

Very soon, The Embrace of Israel will be officially registered in Israel. All the money that our dear donors donate will go to the account of The Embrace of Israel.

We feel the need to help new immigrants , so it is important to develop our project and for this goal we created a non-profit organization.

Charity to donate to in Israel

All of the immigrants face the same problems as soon as they left their hometown. Where and how find the flat, how to choose the area where to live. What are the rules which allow staying in a country and what kind of documents and fees I have to pay? If you ever change country where you were born you know what it means. We announce during seminars and meetings what kinds of rights are guaranteed by Israel Government. We are covering probably everything which newcomer has to made, like absorption basket, assistance during buying and renting new houses or apartments, health care for the sick family members, tax discounts and lot more help. We, Embrace of Israel, are Jewish charity organization which helps new immigrants clarify detail of the local life and conditions of getting help which could be provided by the Government. We help to solve all problems which are included into practical aspect of the new Jewish immigrants. As a Jewish charity fund which operates in Israel we provide help to immigrants from different countries speaking with the clients in their mother tongue language. Therefore we could help people to clarify any problems with the rent, tax discounts, labor problems or any other, speaking in their native language. It helps to avoid any misunderstanding. We are glad to receive any help from our donors, including money, time and professional consultancy for the questions we need. Even if you want to donate on behalf of someone or donate in someone’s name we are glad to help you in this way. Throw the Jewish nonprofit organization Embrace of Israel our donors could provide law assistance to thousands of Jewish immigrants in Israel.