Sponsor a charity

Today business focused not only on profits and benefits for shareholders.

Solving some of society problems become more important for the business nowadays. Sponsor a charity fund is the best way to help people around and attract attention to the business’ human face. Many of the businesses talk about human values they support. Some of the corporations even provide volunteer time for the employees and some of the charitable programs. It become more easily for the nonprofit charitable organizations cooperate with the business in regard to charity goals. Young generation even more eager about social issues and making difference. They prefer to order and buy products from the purpose driven companies which support human values. They want companies where they buy products to support people in need and sponsor charity nonprofit organizations. For the companies that cares about the problems their consumers care about is the best chance to sponsor for charity which provides help to the same audience. For the local business building goodwill right in their community is more interesting. Sponsorship is a best way of cooperation between charity and business. We, Embrace of Israel, are glad to receive help with the expenses which our charity help leads to us. For the business we are glad to provide low-cost marketing, goodwill and direct connection with the consumers company has.  

Why Companies should sponsor a charity? 

1. Attract new consumers to the company and keep them; 

2. Strength a brand name by supporting the human values; 

3. Improving company or product awareness and visibility; 

4. Promote the shop or business place where company sells own products or provide own service; 

5. Easy way to get well with a community around; 

6. Educating potential clients about its products and services; 

7. Target audience which demands consumeы company's products and services. 

Sponsor our charity organization is the best way to help a lot of new clients to get on their feet and attract to own products and services. Nobody won’t forget the help, when they were in need. So we are glad to invite your company to join us at the meetings or consultations to help new Jewish immigrants to join Israel consumer society.