Philanthropy insight

Philanthropy is a goodwill to fellow members of the human race, according to Webster dictionary. 

It also describes the word as an act or gift done or made for humanitarian purposes. We have to mention that one of the most important motives of the philanthropy is the ethical, pro-social orientation. 

It feels for the donors as a need to give other members of the community and share with them some help that they could provide in their free time. Giving is also reinforced thanks to the individuals who want to share some of their abundant wealth with the members of society. At this point donors choose to help people whom they are confident with, for example in their talents and abilities. 

Elite philanthropy involves two types of donors. The first one have more ideological and moral motives to help others. They are trying to help those who have less advantages and resources to reach the wealthy life. Moreover they are expecting to receive some return on their donations. Philanthropy tips estimate elite philanthropy on donor’s income and as a scope of the donor’s philanthropic activity. We have to mention that often elite donors contribute larger share of their income than did other donors.

 The second type is new philanthropist which participate in different activities like providing management, marketing consultancy, raise donations and much more else. Diversity of donors is a sign of nowadays elite philanthropy. It is not always about scope of the donations but about raising society awareness of the problem and its social consequences. 

 Insight philanthropy gives as understating that motive of the donors differs from one to another. Most of the members of elite philosophy want to help people in need and share own wealth with disadvantage society groups to help them stand on their feet. Others see the lack of attentions which could not be solved without help from the whole society and Government. They invest a lot of own resources to attract attention to the problem and solve it as fast as it could be. 

We, Embrace of Israel, nonprofit charity organization wants to invite all donors who can help new immigrants to become part of Israel society as smooth as it could be. We see the lack of their own resources and that is the reason why we think everybody has to make a donation probably without money to help people around us.