How to donate online

Today hectic life does not live most of us any time to help other people.

Dividing our time between family and work we sometimes just have no space for ourselves. Therefore if we want to help others to solve their problem the best way is to donate our help online. Of cause we could not provide all type of help through the Internet.

But we could allow ourselves to donate money to charity organization which we support. Embrace of Israel is a charity organization which accepts any type of help in any forms. If you could donate us your free time and professional skills we would be grateful for it. If you could donate any amount of money we will be grateful for your help too. 

Online charitable giving is also so-called as crowd funding. Nowadays it becomes one of the fastest – growing methods. Online donation become as simple as buying online and does not take much time from us. 

To make online donation you have to follow several rules: 

 - Explore the website of charity organization you want to help. We Embrace of Israel placed all necessary information on the website page «Who we are». We are open to all of our donors and want them to trust us. 

- Find out if you could communicate with the charity members directly, through the online and offline channels. Our charity nonprofit organization is glad to be open for every donor. We are open to contact during our meetings. You could also contact us via telephones and email addresses.

 - Give your donation through the trusted website. We use for the direct donation to our organization. You could provide your donation through the bank card or PayPal. 

- Keep the paper record for the each donation you have made. It will help you to receive tax deduction from IRS. 

 Money donate online to charity has potential for allowing charities to more efficiently communicate with donors worldwide. If our donors follow the simple rules we describe above then there is no any chance of potential problems appeared. Online giving is secure and safe way for donation to Embrace of Israel, nonprofit organization which help immigrants to start their life in Israel.