SectHow to donate on behalf of someoneion Title

To make donations for someone else is the best way to make a gift to a friend or family member. A couple who is getting married may ask guests to donate to their favorite charity in the couple’s name. s here. Explain whats going on in here.

If you want to make a present for the person who has everything that could be imagined than a charity donation as a gift could be the best choice. 

Moreover if you donate in someone’s name you could receive a tax deduction, which will be counted on you not on the person you have donate on behalf of. IRS allows deduct charitable contributions that you personally funded, for example in your own name or in someone else’s. 

Donating in someone other’s name could help you to involve into charity the person which you make a donation for. It means that feeling which will be felt could cause the real need to help others. 

Donate on behalf of someone else you could to charity nonprofit organization Embrace of Israel. If a friend of yours cares about other people or want to help local community growth stronger just be sure that our charity organization is what you are searching for. 

We, Embrace of Israel, charity nonprofit organization, help new immigrants from around the world in their everyday life in Israel. We provide consultancy regarding to Israel law, rent, labor law and clarify other questions which are not easy for understanding to the newcomers. 

You could donate to us within three simple steps: make a decision, give your identifying information just if you are official donor and include a note that gives information regarding to the person for whom you are making the donation. After that we will send a card with the certificate to let know donor that somebody had make a donation on his behalf.

If you want to receive the tax deduction we could provide you all necessary information in case IRS will audit your return: a receipt or a canceled check or the date of donation and the amount. 

Embrace of Israel is open for every donor and except not only the money donation but also donation of time and professional knowledge which our donors could provide.