How to choose the best charity fund

If you want to help whenever it is time of the year, you have to choose the best charities to give to.

But thanks to charities involved in awareness campaigns and marketing promotion campaigns, donating become the most challenging as it has never been before. That is why you have to make a deep search to find the charitable fund which cares about the same causes as you do. Main reason why families and individuals donate to charity is a desire to give back and make a positive impact on the world. First of all choose the problem which one you care the most. Spend your time to search for the real problems which effect people around you. It could be immigration problems, labor protection, health problems, and lack of education, law problems, and intercultural difference and even father and sons relations. Secondly, you have to determine the list of good charities to donate to and find out whether a nonprofit organization is effective in what it claims to do. Some of the donors are confident and sure that their contributions will be used for good, but many of the donors are unsure how to choose the best fund. Take a look at the charity’s mission and admit if this is important for you or not. Meet with the leader of organization and discuss the way which they help people around what is the goal and what is the outcome. Find out if there are any other ways to help except financial contributions. Visit once or twice meetings with the volunteers and find out their positions and point of view how to solve the problem. Best nonprofit charity to donate to is the one you feel a connection to work with, the one who share the same values and goals as you. Embrace of Israel implementing legal project for new immigrants of Israel. We provide free legal chat room, lectures for new immigrants on Israel labor law and national insurance. Our main goal is to protect people and lives of their family from local law violation which could be made without evil intend, but because of the ignorance of the law which is not an excuse of cause. We feel the need to help new immigrants became part of the Israel society to build the one which have the same values and law appreciation as we are. We are glad to see all new donors to attend our meetings and provide any help they could effort to our Jewish charity fund to help new immigrants.