Donating money to immigrants

More than twenty decades ago number of Jews immigrants starting increase. Each year tens of thousands Jews from around the world decide to return and make Israel their home. Many of them have different cultural and even language background. Complications connected with demographic, cultural, statistical, and political landscape have been appeared everywhere. 

Embrace of Israel is one of Jewish nonprofit organization knows how to donate to immigrants for their better integration into Israel society. Some immigrants and their children have problems with bureaucratic system, labor rights and other basic rights of Jewish citizenry. The situation affects not only new immigrants to the country but the local society as well. It is difficult to enjoy your life and raise children in a world where a lot of people have different habits, cultural values and behavior live.

 The goal of the nonprofit charitable organization Embrace of Israel is to clarify legal system, basic Jewish citizenry rights and duties as part of the fast and smooth integration into Israel society. We also provide new immigrants with the help in explanation of the legal actions details while they rent a house, buy a car or filling out forms for the Government. It is important that we provide our law assistance to the immigrants from different countries in their mother tongue language, therefore decrease number of mistakes and misunderstand which one could be a reason of the damage. 

While you donating money to help immigrants we could provide as much law support and consultations to the clients which need help today and right now. This allows us to respond in real time to the changing needs of the Jewish immigrants. One of the easiest way to help newcomers is to teach them how quickly they could integrate and become part of our society. If our donors are looking to donate items or time rather than money we could also accept such time of help. 

Embrace of Israel is one of the Jewish organizations to donate to immigrants legal support, knowledge of its legal norms and other aspects of their everyday life. We are glad to receive a helping hand in creating a non-profit organization, conducting an advertising company, renting a room, purchasing office equipment and furniture for a call center and even translating legal materials into other languages. This is not the whole list of task for those who want to help, by donating their time and professional skills. We’ll be glad our donors to visit our meetings and office.