How can I make donations near me ?

How to donate near me

According to the Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics about 32,600 new immigrants which moved to Israel were listed as having no religion. As a result of this numbers there are debates regarding to Jewish identity and how to integrate new immigrants into life in Israel. 

Chief Rabbinate does not consider some of newcomers as Jewish. Such immigrants and their children as well have no legitimacy to marry in State –sanctioned weddings and take part in some other rights of Jewish society even basic ones. 

Embrace of Israel is a nonprofit charity organization, which help new immigrants to integrate into Jewish life in Israel as smooth as it is possible. We not only clarify the law of Israel but make it in mother tongue language of the new immigrants. Therefore we could avoid any misunderstand which is caused by absence of basic language knowledge. 

The best way to donate near you is become part of donors which help to improve life of the community around you. New immigrants won’t get away; they will stay in here with us. That is the reason why we have to help new immigrants to become the part of the society with the access to the all of Israel citizens rights. 

We accept all type of help which our donors could provide to us. All of our donors could provide money donation throw the website or check. Our organization is a place where donors could donate their time for providing help with office duties or consulting our recipients. 

Embrace of Israel help to the clients without any fees. The aim of our help is increase access to the advocates for the new immigrants through first three years of living in Israel. We provide consultancy with filling forms, and clarifying any law issues which causes our everyday life. So if you ask where to donate near you then answer is: «Embrace of Israel». 

We also glad to invite our donors for helping us into promotion our organization between new immigrants to increase number of recipients of our help. We know that life of newcomers could be really tough. That is why we encourage community to become the one who help integrate into Jewish society and Israel citizenship as soon as possible.  

Why it is important to make donation

According to the new researches explanation for the charity is beyond three broad categories. The first is because we value the social good from the charity. The second is because we receive the value from helping other people. And the last one is because we have enough money to donate for charity and we want to chow this for the mates, friends and society.

Choose with your heart

LoOnly when we choose which nonprofit organization to donate we always make a decision by our heart not mind. Even proven effectiveness does not mean much for us. We also decide to donate money to charity when it becomes the social act for us. If everybody around us donate to charity then we have to follow the rules. Start form yourself and donate to charity. Giving money and time encourage a culture of giving.

Share resources

Everybody has something to share with the people in need. Sometimes we have no time to help but could donate our money. In other situation people could donate time, but no money. If you want to share your own recourses with somebody you would value them in different way. You will be more dedicated to sharing those resources.

Grow generosity in children 

donating to charity

Trying to get though daily routine we forget how to increase generosity and kindness in our beloved ones. The easiest way is to show them how to do it as an example. Start donating to a charity, no matter time or money with your family members. Show your child that it is necessary to help people in need.

Donate charity benefit makes our daily life happier. It also motivate us see new people and study the world around us. Almost every day we focus on the ‘struggle’ of our daily lives to even think of giving back. But we know that there are people in our community who has real problems just to start their daily life in new country. Charity organization Embrace of Israel helps new immigrants to establish their daily life as a citizen in Israel. We invite every donors who is concerned to help them to our meetings to know the ways how you could donate to charity. 

Get involved into charity on holidays

Involve your family and friends

It is tough to get involved into charity nowadays. More harder is to get into charity work your wife and children. Everyday life takes away our strength and desire to help. But we have to be kind, empathic and caring people no matter what. At the end that is the reason why we have to care about others at least during weekends and holidays.

There are many ways and strategies to help ourselves and our relatives become kinder and one of them is to find best charity to donate to. At the beginning you could even make a donation in your child’s name. Probably your wife or husband would be glad to help others instead of receiving another usual present like a sweater. It would be the best example how to donate and help people in need.

Get into charity

Sometimes all of us just forget how lucky we are. We have a family, our own home and people we love around us. Meanwhile there are people right next to us which suffer. They do not suffer from war or crime, or any other abuses. They just do not have any support around them; they do not know laws of local life and even could not use the infrastructure around them, because they do not know how. 

Why donate to Embrace of Israel

Nonprofit charity organization «Embrace of Israel» helps people who emigrate from their country to Israel, according to their roots. And we have to help them integrate into local Jewish society as fast as we could. 

We have to help them to build new lives in new place. We help new immigrants from all over the world to establish their life in Israel, as you know, newcomers need help in everything, like apartment rent, health care for sick family members, taxes and their discounts. But as always there are many details which could be explained only by a lawyer. 

Unfortunately the cost of their help is not low and it is difficult to ask for the consultancy as much as it is necessary. That is why our organization exists; we help people to decrease the pressure of uncertain decision which could lead some troubles to their everyday life and life of the beloved ones. 

 If you choose to help Jewish immigrants in Israel you will see by yourself how their life become happier, easier and kinder. It also involves your family into charity work and something that you could do and care about together. 

How to donate through PayPal

Embrace of Israel is nonprofit charitable organization which accepts any type of online donations, neither you donate though the bank card or PayPal. 

Nowadays it is more easily to donate throw PayPal thanks to its mobile apps. You could donate anonymous through the PayPal. For this matter you have to create your personal account in PayPal service. After that use your email address to send money for charity via PayPal. 100% of donation will be transferred to the charity without any fees or deductions. To make anonymous donation you could create new email address which no one knows and use it for the money transfer. That would help you to make good for other people without unwanted attention. 

 Donate to nonprofit charity organization Embrace of Israel you could within three easy steps: 


Сome up on page and push the button «Give now».


Choose the way you want send donation to us. We never mind of the amount you choose to donate. We know that every donation makes difference whenever the amount of donation is. 


Provide your credit card information or PayPal account if you want to stay anonymous. Whenever your choice is together we able to protect Jewish immigrants from any legal mistakes. 

After donation is done receive your donation receipt. It will help you to receive tax deduction thanks to your donation to Embrace of Israel. If you give us your name and contact then we will be glad to get in touch with you and thank you for the help.

What is the best way donate to charity

 Donating to a charity is very important not just for you but for the community as well. 

LIt is scientifically proven that people who regularly make donation to a charity feels healthier and live longer life. While we decide how to make a donation we also receive the great opportunity to know community and its citizens. Working with someone who cares about improving life of others allows us to broaden network of friends. Helping people also give you understanding of the life and circumstances around you. Embrace of Israel suggest you tree best ways to make a difference and donate to a charity. 

Choose to help community

While you help people in your community you change life not for the others but for your family and you. As long as happy people will surround you your life will be good and healthy. You have to pick the organization which you care. If you donate your time to Embrace of Israel you will see firsthand the effect of your help.  

Invite your friends and family

Sharing the experience of donating make you feel better. Show your children how it is important to help other people who are in need. Children love to help others it is in their nature. Donation of your family will makes a difference to an organization or person you help.   

Share around the world the values of helping others

It would be spread around like a fire. Increase awareness of the problems which are faced by new immigrants in Israel.  You never knew what small donation would bring, but there would be difference for sure.  

LoDonating your time and money to the charity organization with your friend and family will help new immigrants to smoothly become the part of the Israel society. Taking part in charity also will help you to meet new people. No one knows how this new connections could help you in future. Embrace of Israel is open for every new donor. We strongly believe that even small donations make big difference.