Donate your time and make a difference

No matter how much or little you could donate it makes better changes. 

How much time you could invest into charity means a lot for us. Donate charity hours and focus on the changes that you want to make. It would be the most effective way to help. Giving to local charities like Embrace of Israel is one of the best ways how to give to charity without money. You could see the result of your own help and help of other donors, because it is right here, in your community. Moreover donating charity hours will help you to deep into problems which new immigrants face every day. It could be connecting with apartment rent, labor law, language difference, financial legislation or other questions which make their life unhappy and turbulent. We are absolutely sure that you would be amazed by how your help could change other people’s everyday life. To see happy people while you are going to the office through the community where you live, isn’t it the best reward for the donor? While you make a donation to a non-profit organization you build a basement for the future. Every single donation makes the charity organization grows stronger and provides much help to the peoples. Donating to Embrace of Israel, nonprofit charity organization which helps immigrants would give us opportunity to increase number of law consultancy, meetings and help in solving everyday problems of our clients. If you could donate your time and talents than we could prepare letters for the organization or donors which one could provide us some help or did it recently. We also search for the specialist who could help us increase awareness of the problem and involve more interested parties into solving the question. Finally it could help us move forward and do more good work for the people in need. If you want to see how donate to charity organization without money just join us and help grow a stronger community where each new Jewish immigrant feels beloved and caring.