The best charity to donate

If you decide to donate to a charity fund then you have to make a best choice. 

First of all you have to find out what are the causes you care about? Do you care about people or animals? What type the problem do you want to solve? Take a look around your community and clarify what is the best way to help people around you.

If you want to make donation with your family and friends then you should ask them to. What is the problem they want to solve? If there anything which bothers them? 

After that you could make donation no matter online or directly at the charity organization. We, Embrace of Israel, help new immigrants which suffers from misunderstand of the Israel law, details of the everyday life in Israel. Therefore we help people to understand Israel law when they buy a car, rent a house and fill forms for the Government. If you want to integrate newcomers into social life of Israel then become a donor of Embrace of Israel. 

We have to mention that all non-profit organizations are regulated by the law. According to the IRS there are such type of charitable organization which are considered for the public benefit as

-Relief of the poor, the distressed, or the underprivileged

-Advancement of religion

-Advancement of education or science

-Construction or maintenance of public buildings, monuments, or works

-Lessening the burdens of government

-Lessening of neighborhood tensions

-Elimination of prejudice and discrimination

-Defense of human and civil rights secured by law

-Combating community deterioration and juvenile delinquency. 

Making a donation to such type of organization you automatically receive the tax deduction on the sum you made a donation. Even if you make a donation in someone else’s name the tax deduction will be made for you, not for the person you made donation for. Just keep your recipes or other documentation like a proof of your donation. 

Embrace of Israel invites everybody to our meetings to provide help in solving law problems for the new immigrants in Israel society.