How to donate on behalf of someone

donation on behalf of someone else

SectHow to donate on behalf of someoneion Title To make donations for someone else is the best way to make a gift to a friend or family member. A couple who is getting married may ask guests to donate to their favorite charity in the couple’s name. s here. Explain whats going on in here. […]

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If you want to donate what should you do

what do i need to make a donation

If you want to donate what should you do Donating to a charity depends on the causes you care about.  Some people give to charity on regular bases, because they believe in positive effect their actions leads. So why is giving to charity so gratifying? We provide several tips how to give to a charity […]

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How to donate online

donate online to charity

Embrace of Israel is a charity organization which accepts any type of help in any forms. If you could donate us your free time and professional skills we would be grateful for it. If you could donate any amount of money we will be grateful for your help too. […]

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Sponsor a charity

best jewish organizations to donate to

Sponsor a charity Today business focused not only on profits and benefits for shareholders. Solving some of society problems become more important for the business nowadays. Sponsor a charity fund is the best way to help people around and attract attention to the business’ human face. Many of the businesses talk about human values they […]

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How to make a donation tax deductible

giving nonprofit organizations

Charity is the main and essential motivation to make a donation in someone’s name. These donations can make low the profit of taxes and lower the member’s tax account. Write-offs can only be claimed for contributions to charities that are eligible for non-taxable donations. […]

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Donating money to immigrants

best charities to donate to for immigrants

More than twenty decades ago number of Jews immigrants starting increase. Each year tens of thousands Jews from around the world decide to return and make Israel their home. Many of them have different cultural and even language background. Complications connected with demographic, cultural, statistical, and political landscape have been appeared everywhere. Embrace of Israel is one of Jewish nonprofit organization knows how to donate to immigrants for their better integration into Israel society. […]

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How to choose the best charity fund

how to know which charities to donate to

If you want to help whenever it is time of the year, you have to choose the best charities to give to. Embrace of Israel implementing legal project for new immigrants of Israel. We provide free legal chat room, lectures for new immigrants on Israel labor law and national insurance. We are glad to see all new donors to attend our meetings and provide any help they could effort to our Jewish charity fund to help new immigrants. […]

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